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May 11, 2024

Kingdom Gold & Dapper Dan
'The brand believes that the beauty of a color is not determined by its popularity alone. Every hue is unique and has its own value to offer to the world - even the ones that may be overlooked. We’ve identified our least popular color, Kingdom Gold SW 6698, and are embarking on a bold journey with fashion icon and the Creative Director of The Loneliest Color™, Dapper Dan, to showcase how this color can change perspectives, disrupt tradition, and reveal its true beauty through wearable art pieces. Empowering everyone to rediscover beauty in their surroundings, forge the path they want to travel on, and bring colors into their home that truly speak to them. We'll demonstrate how even The Loneliest Color ™ can be stunning and powerful – if given the chance.'

May 1, 2024

Poetry & Helen Vendler
'The bad news about poetry is that it’s obscure, difficult, marginal — a trivial pursuit in a culture preoccupied with other fancies. The good news is that nobody told Helen Vendler. Vendler, who died this week at 90, was an admired professor and a tireless, sometimes combative critic. In both those roles she was, above all, a reader of poems. Not an ideal reader (every writer knows there’s no such thing), but an exemplary everyday reader. She read poetry because she liked it, because it stirred her to thought and feeling, because she believed it mattered in the world.'

April 28, 2024

Fashion, Transformation
'Not long after Mr. Zuckerberg unveiled his “open and friendly public space for conversation,” he also unveiled his own new, friendlier look — one that focused less on an automated uniform and more on experimentation (everything being relative), as recorded via his own Instagram posts. Suddenly, it seemed as though he was having fun with fashion.'
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