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Jeff is part creative, part analyst, part therapist. He expertly navigated our team to think about campaign creative in new ways, using complex data to inform our creative decision-making. The results were meaningful to our business and because he engaged, included & energized our team every step of the way, the learnings really stuck, informing many campaigns to follow.

Jaqueleen Larson
Global Director, Estee Lauder

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What a great experience we had partnering with Jeff Miner. Jeff & his team spent time studying travel creative, and identified several opportunities to improve our campaigns. Using that research, we structured a creative test, unlocking a winning formula for Celebrity. In addition, the partnership helped us understand new areas of exploration for us to test going forward.

Liz Oates
VP, Royal Caribbean Group

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Jeff developed & produced 'Creative Caviar', an original series featuring the latest ad effectiveness insights for Google's Skillshop, an educational platform for clients & agencies...the program's success is a testament to his talent as a writer, director & editor. I am grateful for our partnership & highly recommend Jeff to any organization in need of creative support.

Ariane Pol
Global Head of Research, Google

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Jeff was the creative expert I went to to discuss inclusive storytelling with my travel clients. I'm always impressed with his knowledge on the subject & creative effectiveness in general. Jeff is really passionate about what he does, has solid instincts & a very creative but analytical mind. I really enjoyed my time working with him & hope we can find collaborate again soon.

Michelle Green
Travel & Hospitality Lead, Google

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I worked with Jeff to develop LVMH's video strategy & consistently found him to be an expert across the digital video & streaming landscape. His secret sauce is his ability to translate his knowledge--whether it's best practices or the latest trends & research--into strategy that makes sense for the client he's working with. For someone working in luxury, this is an indispensable trait.

Monica Badosa
Former Media Lead at LVMH

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Jeff brought his expertise to Coach for several years, helping improve our creative through a combination of video experimentation, storytelling driven by clear empirical evidence & leadership and communication across the brand, PR, media & creative. Jeff is bold in his thinking & is always ready to challenge the status quo with a great balance of data, intuition and teamwork.

Sandeep Seth
Global CMO, Coach

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My first interaction with Jeff was through a deck he made on YouTube Shorts. His conclusions on those 20 odd slides were insightful, simply delivered, warm, personable & actionable, and his perspective was incredibly thoughtful about the future of short-form ads. It’s hard to find a creative partner who’s willing to innovate & challenge the status quo every single time. Jeff’s that guy.

Pei Ling Ho
Global Creative Director, Google

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Jeff was a great partner as we tested a new UGG global campaign, helping us identify the most effective creative while greatly improving our overall video strategy, showing that we could drive more awareness by using short-form ads (6s & 15s) & long-form ads (1:00+) for consideration. The partnership produced great insights & Jeff was an absolute champion.

Carole Diarra
Global VP of Marketing, UGG

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I love working with Jeff & whenever there is an opportunity for us to collaborate together, I jump on it. He’s had a major impact on Puma and our creative through his ability to present insights in actionable ways, and his work continues to impact the creative choices we make. He’s very fun to work with, and I hope there’s more projects we can work on in the future.

Ivan Dashkov
Head of Emerging Marketing, Puma

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